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Morgan Sutton



Hi friends. My name is Morgan, but I also go by Mo. I started exploring the world of tarot and oracle cards after a dear friend and fellow witchy sister gifted me my first deck in 2016. That year had been especially turbulent for me, losing my biological mother to lung cancer. I was feeling lost and disconnected and the cards felt like home. Like connection. There was an immediate familiarity with just holding the cards in my hands. Flipping each card over and reading the messages felt like the divine speaking right to my heart. 


At first, I wanted to dive right into "studying mode" and learn everything I could about each one of the card meanings. But somewhere along the way Spirit gently (loudly) started nudging me away from that approach. There came a point where I stopped studying and started listening. Trusting that the messages coming through were what was meant to come through at that time.


Every reading is unique and different for this reason. How one card is interpreted for one person may not be what Spirit wants YOU to hear. Whether you're like I was, feeling a little lost, or simply seeking clarity, the cards can offer you the ultimate experience of connection. I can't wait for you to experience this special magic.


I have learned that letting someone else in besides a therapist is immensely helpful. Mo has been an incredible listener and has never stopped holding space for me. I always feel better after our conversations. Like I’ve been seen and heard.

Mo is lively and has contagious energy. She absorbs everything I say and is an empathetic listener. She holds space when it’s needed, offers powerful and well thought out insight, and also relates to me (when possible). It is OBVIOUS in her voice and her way of being that she genuinely cares about me and I know she is fully seeing me and hearing what I have to say.

While initially resistant to the limiting belief work, I have come around and have found it to be quite powerful. It has been a way to help me not only identify when I am being negatively affected by a negative belief, but also helps me to challenge those thoughts so that I may come at a situation from a different angle.


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